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You must have figured it out by now that Greeks have special wishes and things they say for every special occasion you can think of. The first day of school could not be an exception, since it is an important day for parents, children and… Greek grandparents alike. Whether this year’s first day of school is online or not, the new school year is upon us. That’s why some Greek well-wishes for all the little ones who begin their school journey this year or the more experienced students who are just returning to their natural environment are required. 

Καλή Χρονιά! Kali Hronia’ or Kali sholiki hronia’ (καλή σχολική χρονιά) so that it doesn’t sound like you are wishing for the New Year, is probably the most common expression you hear when schools are about to open after the summer. Teachers, parents, grandparents, friends say this to children during the Agiasmos, the Sanctification Service that takes place on the first day of Greek school everywhere.    

 Καλή Πρόοδο (kali proodo)! We saw this expression as a wish to new graduates but it is also commonly used for the first day of school. “Proodos” means progress and this is what all Greek people wish for their children when it comes to their studies, to evolve and learn as much as possible. 

Καλά Μυαλά (kala miala)! Here is an expression you cannot find in a dictionary. It is one of those Greek sayings that doesn’t really translate well in other languages. The literal translation would be “good brains” and it is a wish that older people typically give to young students, especially to the ones that seem naughty. This phrase encompasses the constant anxiety of Greek parents for their children to make good choices and be good at school!    

Καλή Αρχή! One more expression starting with the adjective kali=good. Kali arhi is a wish that can be used for any new beginning since it basically manifests the need for a new era that will hopefully start well and bring good things to people. It is an expression that you hear on many occasions in Greece and could not be absent from the first day of school that is always a nerve wracking but exciting beginning for everyone involved.   

Whether you say it in Greek or any other language, happy school year to children, parents and teachers! The Greek LOL team is ready to welcome you all back to our virtual classrooms and to teach our new students how to learn to love Greek!

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