Learn to Read, Write and Speak Greek Fluently

The Greek Online School is a leading education organization working only with native Greek teachers

The best Greek Courses

Summer Camp

Greek language immersion courses in Greece. The best way for your kids to learn is when they are having fun.

Immersion Course

You will improve your Greek language skills through stimulating morning classes, practise speaking Greek...

Your Greek LMS

You will find all the grammar phenomena that you need to know for the basic knowledge in Greek

Why Choose The Greek Online School

Lessons are delivered via our student-friendly interactive virtual classrooms and we use the most effective and fun method to teach you Greek. Our dedicated qualified teachers strive to provide diverse learning opportunities and particularly for those struggling with Greek or wishing to be challenged further. The Greek Online School classrooms are always vibrant and animated with students speaking, laughing, and enjoying all kinds of educational activities in Greek.

The Greek Online School is an innovative Greek language school and a very special place to meet and network with Greek language learners from all over the world. You will enjoy learning Greek. We promise!

Courses for Young Students

At The Greek Online School we offer a variety of private and group courses for young students of all levels.

Courses for Adult Students​

At The Greek Online School we offer a variety of private and group courses for adults of all levels.

Full Time Greek Schools

Tutoring to students who attend full time Greek schools all around the world.

Feedback & Reviews

What our students think about The Greek Online School…

“Sophia loves her Greek lessons and I am so proud of her. Thank you for helping her so much. She really likes her teacher and we would do whatever possible to ensure we keep you.”


Pembroke Pines Florida-USA

“I love my online classes and recommend to anybody interested in learning Greek.”



“I think that the personal approach of the teacher and her knowledge are critical success factors. Maria indeed incorporates both qualities and she is an excellent teacher.”



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