Immersion Course in Greece


Program Overview

New Dates! April 30th to May 8th and August 6th to August 14th 2024!

The Greek Online School Immersion Course for adults will be back in 2024 not once but twice! In spring and summer 2024 we will learn Greek in the historic Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses!

The 2024 Spetses Greek Immersion Course for adults runs under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and Greek National Tourism Organisation

Greek National tourism organisation


The Greek Immersion Course will take place twice in 2024. From April 30th to May 8th, we are celebrating Greek Easter in Greece! And August 6th to August 14th, Greek summer in Greece.

It is a 9-day program of Greek classes, cultural activities and of course Greek beach and sun that will immerse students into the Greek lifestyle and will make sure they leave Spetses feeling a lot more confident in everyday Greek conversation.


The Greek Immersion Course will take place in the beautiful island of Spetses in one of the most historical and important buildings in Greece, the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses right at the heart of the popular island, home of the mighty Greek heroine Laskarina Bouboulina. Spetses is a cosmopolitan island close to Athens with breathtaking beaches and a picturesque town right at the heart of the Argosaroniko. You can find out more about the special location of The Greek Online School Summer Immersion Course in Greece here.


The course consists of daily 3-hour Greek language classes with our School’s qualified teachers and evening cultural activities that mean to bring students closer to the Greek lifestyle, way of living, civilization and of course provide them with the opportunity to use the Greek language in real-life situations. Lessons will take place in the historical and traditional classrooms of the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses.

For whom?

The Greek Course is for people who are over 18 years of age and for any level of Greek. It is an ideal opportunity for people who do not speak any Greek or for those who wish to become more confident and fluent in Greek. This is a course you may attend on your own, with your friend or friends, partner or family members. The Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses hosts visitors in single or double rooms and even flats for families of larger groups of people.

Method of study

Combining tradition and technology. Our dynamic and interactive teaching and learning approach is developed upon traditional ways of learning and the use of the latest educational technologies. Students learn techniques to make the best use of their grammar and vocabulary generated knowledge, to communicate in Greek with more and more confidence.

Is it all Greek to you? No problem at all! The course is for total beginners and intermediate students alike. Students will be placed in the appropriate level after completing a placement test. It consists of daily 3-hour Greek language classes with our School’s qualified teachers and evening cultural activities that mean to bring students closer to the Greek lifestyle, way of living, civilization and of course provide them with the opportunity to use the Greek language in real-life situations.

Books and apps. Our material, created by our experienced teachers and academic advisors, has been designed to fit the needs of our learners. Digital material, folk songs, movies and short videos are used to create bespoke content for our students’ learning applications, provided by the school. We love our applications because they make Greek easy and even more appealing to our learners.

Small class size. Classes are small, with an average of 8-12 students per class, to give all participants enough space to speak and interact with the material, their classmates and their teacher.

Immersion warm-up meetings


All applicants are invited to a one-2-one call with a member of our team. These meetings give us the chance to get to know you better and give you the opportunity to ask us anything that might concern you.


A few days before your arrival in Spetses, we invite all learners to an online meeting. In this sparking session, learners meet each other through ice-breaking online activities and we give our learners an idea about our interactive group learning techniques. This online meeting is your “first stop” during the amazing learning and cultural journey in Spetses.

The Program Includes:

25 hours of lessonsLessons will be conducted everyday except for departure day.
Accommodation & MealsYou can choose a single or double room. Breakfast and one daily meal  is included.
Course materialWe will provide you with all required learning material in printed and digital form. The lessons will also be supported by free educational applications.
Internet accessThere is free internet access in the facilities where lessons will be held.
Welcome ceremonyOn the first day all participants are honored at a welcome ceremony led by our teachers
Closing ceremonyAn unforgettable closing ceremony marks the end of the program, followed by a farewell cocktail celebrating students’ new network of Greek friends

Price List

Single or Double Room

2596 Per Person
  • Greek Lessons
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast & meal

Frequently Asked Questions

Τhe Greek Online School has put in place a temporary cancellation policy to remove any financial risk for you when making a booking during this period of uncertainty.
When “events beyond our control occur”, including Covid-19, we guarantee full refund of all fees paid to us, excluding transaction fees. Each Covid-19 situation will be handled carefully as long as all supported documentation is submitted.

If you wish to cancel a booking for a reason not included in “events beyond our control”, you should consult us by email to In these cases of cancellation the booking deposit will be forfeited. If the cancellation is made after the final payment is due, then the full payment will be forfeited and if full payment has not been made then you are liable for the full cost of the holiday.

The course lasts 9 days. Including arrival & departure days.

You cannot book part of the course. You are advised to attend the whole program, to fully benefit from it.

The Immersion Course takes place in Spetses island.

The most popular ferry route, Athens to Piraeus, takes approximately 2.5h.

Absolutely. You can bring along your friends, partners, and any family members. Please let us know as soon as possible to arrange the best possible accommodation for you and your family. Also please note that the fees will vary depending on the number of your travel companions.

Yes, students are placed in a class according to their level in Greek.

The course offers 25 hours of Greek lessons. 

Absolutely. This program is ideal for you.

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