Greek Language Summer Camp

The best time for kids to learn is when they are having fun!

greek camp 2022

2 July - 11 July
2 August - 11 August

Please note that these dates apply for Summer 2024 and are subject to slight changes

The Greek Language Summer Camp is a great way for your child to greatly improve their Greek and have fun with other international children. Our program is for children aged 6-15 years and aims to develop children’s speaking skills and boost their confidence when speaking Greek. Young learners are usually faster to learn and grasp foreign languages, especially some aspects of languages like the pronunciation and new vocabulary. This is precisely why close contact with a Greek speaking environment and native Greek speakers is the perfect opportunity for children to engage in the Greek language fast and absorb new skills very quickly. 

The 2024 Greek Language Summer Camp for kids runs under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and Greek National Tourism Organisation

Greek National tourism organisation


The Greek Language Summer Camp is hosted by The Greek Online School at The Ranch, in Sofiko, Greece, very close to Korinthos. The Ranch combines modern facilities with a surrounding of amazing natural beauty in the Peloponnese and is only one hour away from Athens.

What it Includes

    • Two online sessions to prepare students and parents for the camp 
    • 3 hours per day of intensive Greek lessons & Greek language activities 
    • Greek language camp book “Μαθαίνω να αγαπώ τα Ελληνικά”
    • Course material: notes & handouts 
    • Greek language cross-thematic projects
    • Greek language certificate of attendance
    • Sport activities: swimming, horse-riding, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, archery, climbing and more
    • Cultural activities: Dancing, crafts, cinema, theater
    • Visit to Epidaurus
    • Accommodation in modern, western-themed houses
    • Five daily meals
    • Induction day & graduation
    • Greek & English-speaking cabin leaders supervised by The Greek Online School 
    • 24h support

Students Levels

The Greek Language summer camp is ideal for children of all levels of Greek. Students with an existing level of Greek will need to take a placement test in order to be placed in the appropriate class. Classes are given by highly qualified native speaking teachers who will implement various learning techniques to ensure that students are challenged and stimulated.

Learning objectives

Our Greek language camp is in high demand due to its intensive educational program in an unforgettable summer holiday environment. The aim of the camp is to boost the camper’s language level by improving their reading, writing, and listening skills, while the main focus remains on conversational Greek. Grammar, reading, and writing are practiced in a fun way that complements the main aim of the course, which is not just to understand Greek, but also to be able to spontaneously react and speak Greek. A booklet is provided to each student with material that introduces them to a new topic every day. 

Lessons also include cross thematic projects and language activities, to increase overall motivation and help students learn faster. Greek language activities vary from role playing, to learning songs, treasure hunts and much more.  Our teachers have lots of great ideas and activities to get children involved and active in their Greek language lessons. The choice of activities is determined by the teacher who will take into account the level, age, interests, personalities and objectives of the group. Cross-thematic projects combine Greek with history, geography, environmental awareness and more.  Educational, fun games such as charades, food-tasting and treasure hunts and more, are included in the program to help children develop their speaking skills in Greek.

Greek Language Camp book

Our team of educators has designed a book for the different levels of our camp learners. The book is called “Μαθαίνω να αγαπώ τα ελληνικά” and is carefully designed with camp vocabulary as well as vocabulary that will help students in daily interactions in Greece. It includes exercises, projects, and language games meant to improve all language skills. It is also designed to familiarize students with topics from Greek mythology, culture, and the environment. Students are provided with a copy of the book each, based on their level of Greek. 

Editor in Chief: Stella Bompotsiari

Editing team: Dimitra Karvounouli, Sofia Souloglou, Nefeli Christogoula, Eleftheria Mari

Copyediting/corrections: Stella Bompotsiari & Eleftheria Mari

Illustration: Cute Ideas

Camp Cost

  • 1450€  
  • Families: 10% discount 
  • For group bookings of five or more children, please contact us for a more personalized quote
  • Your place is booked when you complete the 50% downpayment
  • Before finalizing the enrollment process, we invite the interested parents and child to an online interview with one of our staff members

Daily Schedule

  • 8:00 Wake up to music
  • 8:30 Wash up and get dressed
  • 9:00 Breakfast
  • 9:45 Greek Class
  • 11:45 Swimming Pool
  • 12:45 Shower
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 Midday R&R
  • 16:00 Greek class 
  • 17:15  Sports & Activities 
  • 19:45 Wash up and get dressed
  • 20:40  Dinnertime
  • 21:30 Theater Entertainment 
  • 23:00 Bedtime

Camp Activities

All children take part in stimulating social, sport and cultural activities, such as horse-riding, archery, climbing, swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, dance, theater and many more. All activities, even the ones coordinated by experts, are supervised exclusively by The Greek Online School team.

Children's Accommodation

The Ranch is a residential camp offering first-rate overnight facilities. Children are placed in modern western-themed houses with their Greek Language Summer Camp classmates. All cabin leaders are hired and supervised by The Greek Online School.

Supervision & Support

Along with the camp’s experienced personnel The Greek Online School teaching staff offer exclusive 24/7 support to our campers and parents. Our Camp office is open from 8am to 10pm and members of our staff are always available to support our students, answer questions, help them adjust to the camp environment and resolve any issues. 

We are always there for you and our little Greeks!

Nutrition Programme

The menu is carefully prepared by an accredited dietician, ensuring that all dietary needs of growing children are covered. Three full meals plus two snacks are provided on a daily basis. The camp’s kitchen prepares meals separately for children with food allergies. Please do not neglect to include your child’s food allergies in their medical history.

Getting to The Ranch

“The Ranch” is located in the natural valley of a beautiful pine forest in Sofiko Corinth, only 97 kilometres from Athens. Click here to see how to get to our Camp from Athens, Korinthos and Patras.

If you wish to receive more information please complete the page form and a member of our staff will contact you.


Frequently asked questions

 The Ranch occupies more than 250 people and along with the Greek Online School staff they make sure to be at your children’s disposal 24/7.

We would like our program to be an internet-free experience to enhance the immersive and communal aspects of the program. Parents are kindly requested not to provide their children with mobile or electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, i-pads, smartwatches) during the camp. 

Communication with parents is one of our priorities. This is why we make sure that our students speak with their parents on a daily basis using our office phone whenever they need. We are also constantly in touch with all the parents through social media(separately & in a group). Of course, the Ranch has a phone center as well and parents can call there anytime to ask for their children.

We can offer travel escorts for children traveling alone in case there are 10 or more children flying from a specific airport. 

Yes we can pick them up from the airport and, when the Camp ends, drive them back to the airport for their flight home. There is an extra charge for this service. 

Yes the Greek Online School staff and teachers also stay in the Camp making sure they are next to our students 24/7. 

Yes the doctor’s office is located in the middle of the Camp, stays open 24/7 and a doctor is always there to help and treat.

If for any reason a child does not feel comfortable and has trouble to adjust to Camp life, a counselor, the camp staff and of course the Greek Online School team are going to be there to make them feel at home. The parent will be constantly informed and in touch too. 

The Ranch liability insurance covers students for any accidents caused by foul function within the camp-site during their attendance in the camp.

Only one hour away from Athens.

Children are placed in camp houses according to their age and gender. 

All Greek Language Summer Camp children stay together and are only separated in their cabins by gender.

Unfortunately day camping is not an option.  

Students/parents are requested to book their flights on their own.In case you need any assistance please let us know. 

There are usually 15 to 20 children per cabin. 

Ιn the Greek language camp there are about 3 hours of Greek offered on aa daily basis.

Yes, our students are placed into groups depending on their language level & age (beginners- intermediate- advanced).

Yes it is totally fine if a child is a total beginner. They will be placed in the right group and will work on the appropriate for their level material.

Yes. The Greek Language Summer Camp is addressed to everyone. 

Three full meals plus two snacks are provided on a daily basis, made by fresh local products and based on the Mediterranean diet. 

You can bring your own sheets but if it not easy, sheets will be provided by the camp.

Yes, the pool area is strictly supervised by 2 lifeguards for each pool. 

The campers are not allowed to have cash with them. However, they can hold a camp card which can be filled with credit and used in the little stores inside the camp ONLY (snacks & beverages). We recommend charging it for 25 euros. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic, visits are limited and examined only by case. 

Parents are requested to pick up their children after breakfast. At the latest by 2.00 pm . 

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to siblings.

A 50% deposit of the final amount is required to book your place in the Camp once you register. The rest is required by May, according to our Terms and Policy.

Τhe Greek Online School has put in place a temporary cancellation policy to remove any financial risk for you when making a booking during this period of uncertainty. When “events beyond our control occur”, including Covid-19, we guarantee full refund of all fees paid to us, excluding transaction fees. Each Covid-19 situation will be handled carefully as long as all supported documentation is submitted.

If you wish to cancel a booking for a reason not included in “events beyond our control”, you should consult us by email to

In these cases of cancellation the booking deposit will be forfeited. If the cancellation is made after the final payment is due, then the full payment will be forfeited and if full payment has not been made then you are liable for the full cost of the holiday.

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