Extracurricular activities and events

The Greek Online School offers extracurricular activities and events throughout the year. At the end of every year we have our Christmas Celebration with songs, poems, and sketches while some of our students play the piano, violin or guitar. You will love our international orchestra! We also organise students’ teleconferences where Greek students from all over the world come together to meet each other, exchange experiences, participate in Greek language activities and play games. On the occasion of Greek national celebrations we also run small events. We are determined to keep the Greek spirit alive!

Students' Teleconferences

Every year we organise students’ meetings for children, young learners and adults. This is where students meet with each other and take part in Greek language activities and games. Participation is not obligatory but is always great fun.

Parents' days

We offer parents the opportunity to discuss the progress of their son/daughter(s) with our director and the teacher during the course of each academic year. We host 2 parents’ days throughout the year.

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