Greek Grammar

Welcome to your Greek Grammar Course

Developing a solid foundation in Greek grammar will help you create your own sentences correctly and will also make it easier to improve your communication skills in both spoken and written Greek. So this course has been designed to help you steadily advance with the Greek language. Here, on The Greek Online School Learning Management System (LMS) you will find all the grammar phenomena that you need to know for the A2 Level (basic knowledge) in Greek, the language that influenced all European languages.

Who is this course for?

  • A2 Ellinomatheia Exams Candidates: Greek Grammar A2 is compulsory for all of our students who plan to sit for the A2 Level Ellinomatheia Exam.
  • A2 Students: All our students who have completed the A1 level are advised to sign up and take advantage of the immediate results Greek Grammar has to offer.
  • Greek learners of all levels: Interested in practising your grammar skills in a fun and interactive way? This is the course for you!

Most LMS students already study Greek at the Greek Online School but you do not have to attend our live classes, you can sign up and use it on your own or with your teacher.

How will you learn in this course?

The Greek Online School LMS is an asynchronous environment meaning that you can access it in your own time and pace. So what will you be able to do to take advantage of the full potential of this course? You will…

  • Watch videos with our teachers explaining Greek grammar in a simple way;
  • Combine grammar theory with lots of examples;
  • Play grammar-based and vocabulary games;
  • Complete sets of both self-paced and instructor-based exercises with visual, audio and video material;
  • Connect and communicate with more Greek learners and teachers;

Self-paced or Instructor-led?

Do you need a teacher to guide you or do you prefer to study alone? You are given two options to complete the lessons included in the course. You can choose the self-paced or the instructor-led method.

  • Instructor-led: You need to follow the schedule as your instructor says with specific due dates. Lessons become available on specific days of the week including the instructor’s guidance, supervision and feedback on assignments. Although it is advised, you do not need to complete one lesson to receive the next one. The course starts and finishes on specific dates.
  • Self-paced: Watch the videos, complete your assignments and prepare for your Ellinomatheia exams without due dates. All lessons will become available to you as soon as you sign up for the course. Although you are advised to follow the course lesson plan, you can watch any videos and complete any assignments included in the lessons.
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