How it works

Our virtual classroom

Lessons at The Greek Online School are conducted in a specially designed, easy to use virtual classroom – not via Skype. It offers:

  • High quality video conferencing.
  • Integrated audio conferencing.
  • Interactive Whiteboard that allows you to:
    1. watch the learning materials,
    2. watch teacher’s notes as they are produced during class, 
    3. write on the board with your keyboard or digital pen,
    4. participate in computerized tests,
    5. watch videos and listen to songs, 
    6. upload educational web content or files, 
    7. do quizzes and play educational games.
  • Save function for files and notes uploaded during class.
  • Video recording so you can watch a group lesson in case you miss it.

Steps to a Greek Online School class

  1. Fill in the trial lesson form.
  2. We will email and call you to arrange the details of your Trial Lesson.
  3. A few minutes before the scheduled lesson you will receive an invitation email.
  4. Follow the email instructions to enter our classroom.
  5. Provide your name & email address.
  6. Click Join to be directed to our virtual classroom.
  7. Click Connect to Audio to activate your microphone.
  8. Click on the webcam icon (on the right hand side of your screen) to turn on your camera.

Important notes

  • All lessons are conducted in a specially designed virtual classroom and not via Skype. 
  • During your trial lesson our technical team will guide you if needed. 
  • In order to enter our virtual classroom you need to check your System Requirements. For more information please go to the requirements page.

For any questions please feel free to contact us by completing the contact form or email us at

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