Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need books (workbook, textbook) for the lesson?

Yes, although the lessons are online, you need your learning materials like you do in a traditional educational setting. You may have your materials either in a PDF format or in printed form. Your teacher will provide you with all necessary information.

Can time difference be a problem?

No, we always find a time convenient for both, the teacher and the students; but in any case, students’ preferences are our priority.

Can I arrange to be in a group with my friends?

Yes, you can be in the same semi-private class and group with your friends as long as you are in the same level. If you choose a semi-private class then you can also choose the time you wish to have your lesson.

How do I get the books and the materials?

The readers and workbooks for all our courses, apart from the Adults’ General Greek Course, are provided by The Greek Online School in PDF format for free. You will receive information about the materials needed for the Adults’ General Greek Course from your teacher.

What happens if I want to cancel a private lesson?

If you have to cancel or reschedule your private lesson please contact us at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class. In case you cancel in less than 24 hours prior to the lesson, you will be charged for the lesson.

What happens if I want to cancel a group lesson?

Group lessons cannot be canceled or rescheduled. However, if you cannot manage to attend the class, you will receive a link of the recorded lesson, so you will not miss anything from the class progress.

Can semi-private lessons be cancelled?

Semi-private lessons can only be cancelled if all students within the group agree to cancel. A cancellation needs to be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. If one of the students of the semi-private class cannot attend a lesson then they will receive a recording of the missed lesson.

What happens if the internet connection fails?

To attend our lessons you need a high speed internet connection. However, in case our connection fails we will arrange another day to complete the missing lesson. For instance, if we have a 55 min. lesson and the connection fails 10 minutes before the end of the lesson, we will add additional 10 minutes on your next lesson. Please note that we are not responsible in case your connection fails.

Do I need a digital pen?

After your trial lesson you will receive all necessary information regarding everything you will need for your lessons, including the pen. The digital pen is necessary for the following list of courses. For all the other courses the digital pen is optional.

  1. General Greek for Young students
  2. General Greek for Adult students 
  3. Business Greek
  4. Creative Writing

Can I save the material used during the class?

Yes, everything presented and produced on the whiteboard during your lessons with be saved and shared with you.

Can the lesson be recorded?

Yes, lessons can be recorded. Recordings are sent to students that miss their semi-private or group lesson in order for them to keep up with the group progress.

What time of the day are lessons conducted?

The time that each lesson is conducted is agreed between the student(s) and the teacher. We always find a day and a time that is convenient for both.

How many times per week can I schedule a private lesson?

We suggest that adults make a schedule for two hours every week and young students for one hour every week. However, students in private lessons can decide the number of classes they wish to have per week.

How can I book a trial lesson?

You need to fill in the “book your trial” form and book your time slot. Shortly one of our teachers will contact you, sending you all necessary instructions and information.

Does the lesson provide any history and culture knowledge?

The lesson is structured upon the Greek history and culture. Our purpose is not only to teach Greek but also to bring our students closer to the Greek world.

How is students' homework assessed?

After you complete your homework you can either scan your homework or take a picture of it and then email these files to your teacher. During your lesson the teacher will upload your homework files on the board so you can review your mistakes and make all necessary corrections. Also, after the completion of your lesson you will receive an email with the corrections for your files.

How do parents get informed about their children's progress?

Parents can get informed about their kids’ progress during our parents’ meetings. All parents receive an invitation about the days and times of The Greek Online School parents’ meetings. However, do not hesitate to contact the teacher or our director in case you have questions or concerns.

Will I have the same teacher for every lesson?

Yes, you will have the same teacher for all your lessons with the exception of unforeseen circumstances, in which case a substitute teacher may be assigned.

What happens if the teacher cancels a lesson?

If the teacher cancels the lesson in less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson then we will offer you an extra free lesson. In some cases, supplement teachers may cover if necessary.

What is a head teacher at The Greek Online School?

The role of a head teacher involves managing a team of teachers, overseeing their classes, and ensuring effective communication with parents. They create personalized learning plans for students, and their goal is to provide a supportive learning environment and maintain great communication with parents, students, and teachers alike.

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