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Birthdays, weddings, baptisms, graduations are all wonderful occasions to give well-wishes to someone you love. However, health setbacks are also part of life. Whether it is a cold, an injury or a- hopefully- routine surgery health complications are part of life and so are well-wishes to the people you love and hope they get better soon. How do you wish someone well in Greek? 

Περαστικά (perastika). This is the most common thing you will hear Greek people saying to someone in poor health. Perastika literally means “I hope it passes” and it is often accompanied with γρήγορα (grigora=fast) to basically express a wish for a speedy recovery. 

Σιδερένιος (siderenios). Informal Greek, the everyday form of the language that Greek people use, is not always a literal language. Siderenios, which literally means made of iron, is a perfect example of this. Siderenios is often used to wish to someone that they feel better soon and literally feel as strong as iron.  

And while perastika and siderenios are very common but more informal get well wishes, Καλή Ανάρρωση (kali anarrosi), is what a Greek person would choose to wish to their boss, colleague or professor. Kali Anarrosi means “good recovery” and is noticeably more formal than perastika and siderenios, although it can definitely be used in more informal settings too. 

Να γίνεις σύντομα καλά (na yinis sintoma kala)! This is probably the most literal get well wish in Greek, since it means “I hope you get better soon”. This is a wish you can use in both formal and informal occasions by changing the singular “yinis” to the plural “yinete” that would be used to convey respect and would be what you would choose to say to someone older or with higher ranking who is not your friend or family. 

Let’s hope that if you ever need to use any of these words or phrases is for nothing more serious than a cold. Let’s all stay healthy and safe! 

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