GCSE preparation in Greek language

Our GCSE Greek Tutors

Our team of outstanding GCSE Greek teachers is committed to helping and guiding students towards their GCSE exams in the most stress-free and engaging way possible. Brilliant in communicating their knowledge, our GCSE Greek teachers will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and adjust the learning material according to their needs.
Our school is very privileged to work with highly experienced UK-based Greek academic advisors with extensive teaching experience and successful careers in preparing students for their GCSEs.

Our GCSE Greek Teaching Method

The goal of all our teaching techniques is to arm our students with knowledge and enter the exam hall filled with confidence knowing that they are fully prepared. Our teachers love their role and are very well trained and equipped:

Course Structure

Our students work with the GCSE students’ coursebooks which are enriched with our own learning material designed and provided by our GCSE academic advisors. Based upon their extensive experience, our GCSE Greek teachers have created comprehensive and thorough learning material to supplement the GCSE coursebooks. Our team designs lesson presentations that they regularly update to keep up with the latest developments in the way GCSEs are examined and to ensure that our students are well prepared and ready to sit for the exams.

Course duration

One of the major secrets for a successful exam preparation course is proper time planning. GCSE preparation takes 3 years to complete. During the first and second year of GCSE preparation, students take one hour classes per week. Our GCSE teachers provide extended support throughout the first and second year for some students. In the third and final year of their preparation, all students embark on a more intensive weekly schedule. Class schedule adjusts to students’ needs, strengths and weaknesses.

FAQ about GCSE Preparation

The GCSE is an academic qualification in a particular subject that students take in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but is also offered at institutions in some other countries such as Australia, Canada and India. The GCSEs as it is commonly known, mark the end of compulsory secondary education in the UK as students usually take the exam when they finish Year 11. Studies for GCSE examinations normally take place over a period of about three academic years.
The General Certificate of Secondary Education is internationally recognised as an official high school qualification and it acts as an entry to further academic studies in the UK. When applying to university in the UK a student will only have their GCSEs results and predicted A-level grades. Hence, it is considered as a very important step in a student’s academic journey and path to university studies.
A GCSE candidate can choose from a huge range of subjects to study. Greek is one of the non-English language subjects that a student in the UK can study.

Type of Classes

Semi-private classes

Recommended for teenagers who work well in small groups. In a semi-private class of 2 or 3 students, children have the chance to learn from each other and are motivated to stay focused and engaged during their GCSE preparation.

Private classes

Ideal for teenagers who thrive with personalized attention or have specific learning needs & goals. It is also a great introductory option for students preparing for a semi-private class starting in year 2 of GCSE preparation.

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