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The Greek Online School is a leading education organization working only with native Greek teachers

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This is your first step on a journey to fluency in Greek. Our dynamic group classes create an enriching multicultural experience through a diverse community of passionate Greek learners from various corners of the globe. Our native Greek teachers will guide you through an immersive language-learning adventure. At The Greek Online School, we have meticulously crafted our group classes to ensure that your learning experience is not only interactive but also personalized.

Our online group classes have a 9-month duration, taking place once a week for 90 minutes each. We limit the class size to just 8 students to ensure an inclusive environment where everyone can actively participate though a vibrant exchange of ideas and interactions. Our approach goes beyond traditional learning methods, as we leverage The Greek Online School’s interactive materials and applications to inspire our students.

The benefits extend beyond the live sessions; our students enjoy unrestricted 24/7 access to a plethora of applications featuring vocabulary sets, games, and quizzes. Additionally, a treasure trove of learning materials such as books, videos, and audios is readily available. We understand that life can be unpredictable, so if you ever miss a class, worry not! We provide recordings of each session, allowing you to catch up seamlessly before the next lesson.

Join us in this linguistic journey, where the world converges to make Greek fluency an achievable and enjoyable goal!

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