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There is a theory that supports there is going to be a new baby boom in the months to follow after the quarantine. If this is true, it will be some of the best news we have heard in a while since there is nothing happier than the arrival of a new baby. 

And since “how to wish in Greek when a baby is born” is one of the most popular google searches on the topic, we have gathered some of the ways Greek people use to congratulate the family of a newborn baby. This “guide” of well-wishes in modern Greek will prepare you to congratulate your Greek friends and family who will welcome new babies in the future! 

Να σας ζήσει! (na sas zisi) This is probably the most common wish for new parents. It comes from centuries ago which is why its literal translation is indeed a bit macabre. Focus on the fact that Greek people use it today to wish for great health and strength for a new baby. It actually sounds very sweet and positive in Greek and is the most common thing to say when a new baby is born.

Να το χαίρεστε! (na to hereste) Also a very popular wish when a baby is born. This wish is for the parents. You are basically wishing for them to be able to enjoy every stage of their baby’s life and be next to them to receive joy from their child’s achievements and the person they become. People also wish that to parents when it is their child’s birthday, graduation, or wedding day. It basically focuses on parental pride which is an even bigger thing for Greeks. 

Καλότυχο! (kalotiho) This is a simple adjective Greek people use as a wish for a newborn baby. It basically implies the phrase “may they have good luck” but the wish most people use is this one word, Kalotiho! Meant to hope for a life of only good luck for the new person that has come to this world. 

Καλοφωτισμένο! (kalofotismeno) Another adjective used as a wish for a newborn baby. This word literally means “good light”. So you wish for the baby to always have “good light.” It is a wish that is closely associated with the Greek Orthodox tradition, since it actually implies the light, the truth of God that is shared to people through the Holy Spirit. When people say it nowadays, they are wishing for a life full of good decisions for the new baby boy or girl. 

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