Private Class

Private Greek Class

Class description

Private lessons are offered for all our courses and they are ideal for young and adult students who prefer to follow a more intensive path of learning, as the teacher focuses on student’s needs and works exclusively and intensively according to the learner’s skills. All private lessons are conducted live via our interactive virtual classroom and taught by our experienced, certified Greek teachers, all of whom are all based in Greece. Students can see and talk to their Greek teacher, interact with the learning materials, practice conversational and writing skills, watch videos, learn Greek through songs and become familiar with greek culture and history.


Private lessons start any time of the year. Students follow a regular weekly schedule for their lesson and work exclusively with their own teacher. The duration of our private classes is 55, 90 or 120 minutes, while the number of lessons can be 1-5 per week. Normally we suggest that adults take 2 lessons per week and young students 1 lesson per week.

Private lesson fees

Private lesson fees depend on the age, level and course of the students. For more information about private lesson fees and discounts please click here.

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