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Greek Easter in Spetses

Easter is without a doubt the greatest Christian celebration in Greece. Schools close, the houses get cleaned, the supermarkets are crowded, and in every single town or village there are unique traditions that make the

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Greek Summer Festivals

Summer Greece means sun, hot weather, crystal clear beaches and fests-ελληνικά πανηγύρια, in every corner of the country. In July and August, Greeks never miss a chance to celebrate, dance and reunite with family and

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Greek Easter || Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday: Customs all around Greece Finally, on Sunday, the mournful atmosphere of the Holy week turns into one of the biggest celebrations in Greece. Let’s have a look around the country and see how

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Greek Easter Traditions || Red eggs

Easter in Greece: red Easter-eggs When you think about Greek Easter, one of the first pictures that pops in your mind is definitely a red egg…or maybe a basket full of these! Every year, on

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Greek Easter Traditions || Sweets

Easter in Greece: the Food While counting down to Easter Sunday, Greek households are filled with delicious smells of traditional delicacies just before the Holy Week. The feverish baking of ´´Lazarakia´´ and ´´Tsoureki´´ are two

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Greek Easter Traditions || Corfu

Easter in Greece: smashing ´botides´ in Corfu Easter is considered to be one of the biggest celebrations across Greece with a great variety of traditions and events from place to place. The island of Corfu

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Christmas in Greece: Epiphany

Christmas holidays in Greece do not come to an end until January 6th, on the “festival of lights” or Epiphany. For the Orthodox church, Epiphany is the celebration of the baptism of Christ and his

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Christmas in Greece: Corfu

Just like Christmas eve, on the eve of the new year, children in Greece gather to sing the carols and welcome the new year. This Greek holiday tradition spreads from north to south with different

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Christmas in Greece: Pomegranate

You might have noticed that around the holidays, pomegranate is an image and fruit that takes center stage in Greece. There are pomegranate ornaments on the Christmas tree, good luck charms for the new year

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Christmas in Greece: Christmas Carols

Christmas caroling is for Greek children one of the sweetest and most fun memories of their childhood. What is special about this Greek Christmas tradition is that it has more or less survived throughout the

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