Learn to Love Greek

Learn to Love Greek

Teaching a foreign language is a path that opens the gates of a new world for our students and our role as teachers is to find ways to make this path easier; this is our mission and purpose.

All you need is Love

Our wide experience in Greek Lessons OnLine has shown that what students need most, is to work with a qualified teacher and follow an efficient methodology. But is this enough? Working with students of all ages and levels for years, we have come to realise that all you need is Love. Students actually need to fall in love with Greek and Greece! Hence, in our school we are focusing our teaching on what we call “Learn to Love Greek” projects, methods and techniques. We inspire Greek language learning with…

  • live broadcasting from Greece;
  • cross-thematic projects;
  • customised learning;
  • live online events;
  • Greek Summer Camps for kids;
  • Greek immersion Courses for adults

The Greek Immersion Course and the Kids Greek Summer Camp are our newest additions. These two programmes have both inspired our students and fulfilled our mission, as all this experience in Greece has the greatest beneficial impact in our student’s lives.

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