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Greeks of the world_ Marrickville

Greeks of the World || Marrickville

After our School’s recent trip to Australia, we were quickly told by Greeks in Sydney that the neighborhood called Marrickville was officially renamed as “Little Greece” by the local council. Marrickville, Sydney or Little Greece

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melbourne greeks

Greeks of the World || Melbourne

What’s the largest Greek city after Athens and Thessaloniki? Patras? Heraklion? Larisa? Cue to wrong answer buzzer sound. The correct answer is Melbourne! Melbourne has a Greek community of about 400,000 people, has been holding

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tarpon springs

Greeks of the World || Tarpon Springs

Many Greek expats and Greek immigrants will say that Greece is always with them. They keep it close in their hearts, in their summer memories, their family meals and Sunday churches. If you find yourself

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