Group Class

Group Class

Class description

Our groups are specially tailored to target the needs of kids, teenagers and adults with different learning styles, who enjoy interacting with other learners and make connections with Greeks from all over the world. All the lessons are recorded so in case you are not able to join the live class, you will receive the recording to watch it at your convenience. Our group classes can also be the right choice for you if you wish to supplement your traditional Greek tuition or school lessons with interactive online lessons. 

All group classes are conducted live via our interactive virtual classroom and taught by our experienced, certified Greek teachers, all of whom are based in Greece. During the lessons students interact with the learning materials, practice their speaking, reading and writing skills, watch videos, learn Greek through songs, get familiar with greek culture and history. The number of students in each class is limited to 9 students. Each class follows a regular weekly schedule and works exclusively with a dedicated instructor. Each group lesson is 90′ including a 5 min break. The total duration is 9 months, excluding Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.9

Participants in group classes

Students in a group class can be from a different city, country or even continent. Students are placed in groups according to their level and age group. The composition of a group is something we always take very seriously. In case students sign up for a group class after the starting date, we will send them all previous lessons in video so they can catch-up with the rest of the group. Each group class starts on a specific date set by our school.

Kids Groups

It has always been our School’s priority to try and make online learning a fun and interactive experience with a focus on community and socializing for our little Greeks. “Can you do this in an online class,” a lot of parents ask us.
Of course you can in The Greek Online School’s group classes for children.

Our Μαζί groups for children are 90-minute groups held on Saturdays. The 90 minutes are divided into 60 minutes of Greek language learning (grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking skills) and 30 minutes of language games that are designed to help students better absorb the language phenomena they have been studying. These 30-minute language games have been proven to help immensely with children’s fluency and motivation to speak in Greek.

Missing a lesson

Group lessons are always recorded so if you are unable to attend a lesson on a specific day, you can watch the recording and do your interactive exercises, games and quizzes. The recordings are available for 30 days.

Supplementing group lessons with private tuition

You can supplement your group lessons with private tuition if you want more personalized attention or need to focus on a specific aspect of your Greek. Along with your weekly group classes, you can book for example one hour of private lesson once a month, so the teacher can concentrate on your needs and work exclusively with you.

Group fees

In group lessons, students sign up for 9 months. For more information about group fees please click here.

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