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Our approach to Greek language teaching

At The Greek Online School, we are committed to making the journey of learning Greek an engaging and enriching experience for our students. Our approach to teaching Greek is rooted in the communicative method, a

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Celebrating Success: Ellinomatheia Exams

At the Greek Online School, we believe in celebrating every milestone achieved by our dedicated students. Today, we are thrilled to share the remarkable success of our students in their recent Ellinomatheia exams. The journey

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Storytelling in Greek Education

Our School was recently invited by the Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education (SICLE) to plan and present a seminar on storytelling and storytelling apps for fellow educators working in Greek education. Many educators connected

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2022 was our year

After 2 years in lockdown, we have to admit that 2022 was a great year for The Greek Online School. Mainly because it gave us the opportunity to meet so many of you in person

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Why visit Greece at Christmas

A lot of people associate visiting Greece with summertime or at least spring. Greece, however, can be a lot of fun in winter, especially if you manage to go during the period of Christmas.  Visiting

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Christmas time with your Greek yiayia

In the beginning of this school year, we introduced our yiayia Panagiota to the world with this video. The inspiration behind yiayia Panagiota is all of our grandmothers and in general the figure of the

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Christmas gifts with a taste of Greece

Christmas gifts with a taste of Greece… I’m sure the title might bring you yummy Greek foods to mind. Like the most amazing Greek Christmas cookies, kourabiedes or melomakarona. Or maybe you are thinking of

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I can’t get my children to learn Greek

Although the Greek language is very important for Greeks everywhere, oftentimes our children react to learning Greek. No one can deny that it is a challenging language to learn and children would rather do anything

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Greek at Church or online?

Greek church schools have carried the responsibility of Greek education for diaspora Greeks around the world for decades. In recent years, however, online Greek lessons have become more popular giving diaspora students more options and

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Greek Summer Festivals

Summer Greece means sun, hot weather, crystal clear beaches and fests-ελληνικά πανηγύρια, in every corner of the country. In July and August, Greeks never miss a chance to celebrate, dance and reunite with family and

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