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At The Greek Online School our aim is to enable, inspire and support your learning by providing high quality accompanying materials, engaging you both in and out of class. The Greek Online School teachers use course book activities and exercises, customised quizzes, assessment tests, flashcards, songs, podcasts, videos and games, all tailored to students’ level of skills and specific needs.

Greek Course Books

All course books are certified and structured in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages. We use a number of course books varying according to age, level and course. Some course books are available to download for free in a PDF format while for other courses, the student will need to purchase the books.

Courses & Books for kids

Greek as a Foreign Language (General Greek Course)

Greek as a Second Language (General Greek Course)

  • Γλώσσα Δημοτικού & Νεοελληνική Γλώσσα Γυμνασίου: We use this series for kids who live outside Greece but whose mother tongue and primary language is Greek (parents, relatives and friends). Available to Download

Courses & Books for Teenagers & Adults

General Greek & Ellinomatheia Exams

Greek Conversation

  • We use a range of materials to help our students practise and develop their Greek-speaking. Students study through bespoke Greek Online School presentations all inspired by Greek life & culture. They are given the option to study with one of the following course materials:

    • About Greece: Focuses on geographical areas, emphasizing in historical and cultural information.
    • Greek Life: Focuses on Greek everyday life including Education, the Health System, Employment and much more.
    • Literature: Lessons are based on recreational reading of novels.
    • Greek Movies: Offers a fascinating insight into the Greek cinema culture, past and present!

Educational Applications

At The Greek Online School we use interactive educational applications to increase students’ engagement, facilitate learning, transform students’ homework into something fun, and also monitor their progress and performance throughout the lessons.

Have a look at them and test their content!


We use flashcards in all lessons, as they engage active recall and allow for confidence-based repetition. Students are also given an audio option to listen to the words and practise their pronunciation!


Games always make the journey to fluency more fun and exciting! All games are customised and structured on students’ vocabulary sets allowing students to start over again and again until they feel they have it!


We create interactive videos from Greek series, cartoons, movies, interviews and the News, including many different types of questions, audio notes and audio tracks. We want active over passive listening!

Quizzes & Assessment tests

All tests and quizzes are customised and enriched with media files. Students are also asked to record their voice, which is of great help, as they practise their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills!


We provide asynchronous material to support students who already attend live classes at The Greek Online School. This content has been structured around the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is ideal for students who prepare to take the Ellinomatheia Exams. The Greek Online School MOOCS content has been structured as follows:

  • Video Tutorials on Greek Grammar
  • Explanatory Videos to practise grammar
  • Vocabulary sets
  • Assessment tests
  • Printable PDF notes

We provide MOOCS content for the following courses:

  • Low Intermediate A2 for Teenagers and Adults
  • Intermediate B1 for Teenagers and Adults
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