Semi-Private Class

Semi-Private Class

Class description

Our semi-private classes are ideal for children, teenagers and adults who like working within small groups and interacting with other learners, which is highly effective for language development. The small number of students makes it possible for the teacher to concentrate on each student and develop each learner’s skills. 

All semi-private classes are conducted live via our interactive virtual classroom and taught by our experienced, certified Greek teachers, all of whom are based in Greece. During the lessons students interact with the learning materials, practice their speaking, reading and writing skills, watch videos, learn Greek through songs, get familiar with greek culture and history. The number of students in each class is limited to 3. Each class follows a regular weekly schedule and works exclusively with a dedicated instructor and the same group of people. The duration of each semi-private lesson is 90 minutes.

Participants in semi-private classes

If you are a group of people of the same language level and age group, then this is the right class for you! You can start any time of the year, with a minimum of two registered students for each semi-private class. If you do not have a classmate in mind, you may contact your family and friends even if they live in a different city or country or we can start looking for a classmate for you. The number of students in each class is limited to 3.


Semi-private classes can start any time of the year and follow a regular weekly schedule where students work exclusively with the same teacher. The duration of semi-private lessons is 90 minutes while the number of lessons can be 1-5 per week. Normally we suggest that adults take 2 lessons per week and young students 1 lesson per week.


Fees in semi-private lessons depend on the number of students in each class. Fee rates are lower for all students in semi-private classes of three students compared to a class of two students. For more information about semi-private fees please click here.

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