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say it in Greek_christmas

Christmas Wishes in Greek

Christmas in Greece can be very special. It might not be a white Christmas, but sunny weather in December definitely has its perks. The Christmas table is too much to handle but overwhelmingly delicious and

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Say it in Greek: Kalikoutsa

Just like with every other language, Greek is one of many dialects that change when you change regions on the Greek map. Nowadays, not many of these dialects are spoken especially between younger generations. However,

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ancient GR in english

Ancient Greek words used in English

Did you know that there are more than 150.000 words of Greek origin used in the English language? Most of them come straight from ancient Greek and from enlightened Greek people of ancient times. Let’s

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say it in greek_easter wishes

Give Easter Wishes in Greek

When in Greece for Easter you are going to need to exchange Easter wishes like a Greek. Or did you think that Greeks would compromise with a simple Happy Easter. Well it’s a bit more

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say it in greek_every occasion

Greek Wishes for Every Occasion

Birthdays, name days, graduations, weddings, new babies and so on. Various circumstances with various wishes expressed in ways that showcase the particularities and cultural traits of each language.  Greeks, however, do not stop at your

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say it in greek_get well

Get Well Wishes in Greek

Birthdays, weddings, baptisms, graduations are all wonderful occasions to give well-wishes to someone you love. However, health setbacks are also part of life. Whether it is a cold, an injury or a- hopefully- routine surgery

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say it in greek_happy birthday

Birthday Wishes in Greek

You know how we said that summer means wedding or graduation season, so you must know how to congratulate your Greek friends and family in Greek. Well, it seems that birthday season is year-round so

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