We Love Greece

Learning with our videos

We love Greece is a series of episodes in which we are committed to present all the reasons that make us Love Greece so much!!! However, the most important reason that create we these videos is to help you develop your listening and reading skills and enrich your vocabulary! How is that achieved?

  • Practice your reading skills: Try to read loud along with the teacher’s voice each time you click the play button.
  • Practice your listening skills: Click the play button, concentrate and try to understand what the teacher is saying without reading the text.
  • Enrich your vocabulary: Each video is followed by a quiz. Take your quiz and see what you have learned! You can take as many quizzes you like and the best of all is that you can choose the study mode that suits you best. So you can choose among Speller, Flashcards, Scatter, Space race and more!
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