Your “Nonos” videos. And the winner is…

name campaign winner

We are happy to tell you that we have decided on a new name for our School which we will announce very soon. Before that however we need to thank all of our wonderful students who took part in the Nonos: Name Your School Project and sent us videos of their ideas of names for our School. Your participation means the world to us thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas! 

As promised, we did a prize draw to find the winner of a very special gift that we wanted to offer to one of you. Everybody who sent a video took part in the draw whether we ended up choosing the name they suggested or not! And we have a grand winner! 

Congratulations Oliver! You have won a place in our School’s Summer Camp in Greece either for summer 2021 or summer 2022! 

Oliver is 13. He lives in Chicago with his parents and he loves basketball, video games and books. His teacher is Nefeli and his wonderful name idea was Gateway to Greece! Congratulations Oliver, we are happy to give you your own gateway to Greece. We can’t wait to meet you in person in the summer!

Thank you all for participating. Stay tuned, we will reveal the new name very very soon…

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