Your feedback matters the most

student questionnaire 2021

Our School has grown thanks to all of you and your feedback counts just as much as it did in our first days when we could call each of you to hear your thoughts on our Greek lessons. Listening to our students and understanding their perspectives is the only way we can improve and give you the best Greek School experience possible.

Since it is now humanly impossible to call each and every one of you, we have recently asked our students to fill in a School Satisfaction Questionnaire and their participation has just been incredible. 

So we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, feedback and touching comments about your Greek School. We view this School as a close-knit online community of people despite the fact that it’s hundreds of us that comprise it and we cannot describe how happy it makes us to see that you also see it like that. 

Your feedback matters! Thank you for taking the time to help us become better for all of you.

                                                                               Your Greek Online School

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