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Did you know that every minute 250 babies are born? We might not know how many of these might have Greek heritage but we do know that a great number of people look for Greek names to give to their children either to honor their roots or simply because Greek names are quite interesting. 

So we thought we would choose some of these Greek names and discuss the stories or meanings behind them. You might be thinking that it is impossible to do so with every single Greek name and you are absolutely right. That’s why we thought we would choose some interesting Greek names that celebrate their name days each month. 

This month we have a closer look at the meanings and stories behind some names that Greeks celebrate in October. 

What do these Greek names mean? 

Ευλάμπιος (Evlabios). Like every Greek name this one has a popular shorter version; you might know people named Labis. Well this is the long version of their name. Evlabios consists of the Greek prefix ευ that means well in ancient Greek and the verb λάμπω, to glow. So basically, if you name your son Evlabios you should know that it implies someone who shines brightly, who “carries” a positive light with them. 

Ανδρομάχη (Andromahi). In Greek mythology Andromahi is Hector’s wife. You might know Hector as the prince of Troy in Homer’s Iliad. This name consists of the word ανήρ (man or person in ancient Greek) and the verb μάχομαι (to fight). Some linguists claim it means she who fights against men or people or she who fights like a man. Regardless of which explanation is to your liking, this name carries with it connotations of courage and bravery. 

 Καλλισθένης (Calisthenis). A more rare but beautiful Greek name. Calisthenis was an ancient Greek historian. According to an urban legend, one of his first supporters gave his name to calisthenics, a type of working out that focuses on muscle building by using the body’s weight to exercise and avoids weightlifting. This name consists of the words κάλλος (beauty in ancient Greek) and σθένος (strength in ancient Greek) and it basically means that this person is both good looking and strong. 

Άρτεμις (Artemis or Diana in Latin). Probably the most popular and common name here. Artemis was Zeus’ daughter and Apollo’s twin sister. She was the goddess of hunting, the protector of forests, young children and animals. This Greek name’s etymology is not as clear. Some find the ancient Greek word άρταμος in it, which means slaughterer. Others claim it comes from the ancient Greek word αρτεμής which means calm and peaceful. Quite an interesting contradiction for a very interesting female name.  

Xρυσάνθη (Chrysanthi). We are closing with a more mellow girl’s name in Greek. Chrysanthi consists of the words χρυσός (gold) and άνθος (flower). Such a sweet meaning behind a beautiful Greek name that is still widely used in Greece nowadays. 

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