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groups for kids

One of the most important aspects of school life for young children is the communication and interaction they build with their classmates. The in-class memories they create with other students. The friends they make. The bonds they create and the fun they have with these friends while learning. Who says this cannot be achieved in an online classroom? It most certainly can! 

The Greek LOL motto has always been “we learn best when we are having fun” and now we can add “we learn better together!” The Greek LOL groups for kids are finally here and they begin their fun journey in the world of Greek education on October 10th! 

Join our groups for kids and learn Greek while having fun. You will get to meet children from all over the world, make friends and become part of a fun online community that is learning to love Greek together!   

Find the levels and timetable here and book your free trial lesson here! Your teachers and friends are waiting for you to join the unique lessons that all children actually look forward to.

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