We are Venture Impact Award winners !

via winner_website

Last Monday, our School attended the ceremony for the Venture Impact Awards and had the honor to be among the 2021 winners. The idea behind this important institution is to support and encourage Greece’s brightest and most talented teams. This year, more than 160 teams submitted their proposals and we are extremely happy to announce that the Greek Online School was among the few winners that were honored on Monday.

Our School won the Venture Impact Award for a project we have been working on for the last 3 years and that will go live for all of you very soon. The main idea behind our project is to help more children view Greek in a fun way and entertaining way and to encourage them to work together with other children of Greek backgrounds. Just like all our efforts, this project aims to create an online community of Greeks and Philhellenes that will function as the best ambassadors of Hellenism and the Greek language.

We must thank the Hellenic Initiative, the Helidoni Foundation, the judges that selected our project as well as all the sponsors for this incredible honor that surely surprised us but also made us extremely happy. Everybody needs a boost of confidence and this award was precisely what we needed to work even harder on a project that will hopefully take Greek language learning to the next level.

Thank you so much for your trust and support and congratulations to all the winners that we had the honor to meet last Monday. Your work is truly inspiring and makes us all hopeful about the future of Greece. Thank you!

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