Thessaloniki: Experimental School

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Wandering around the “capital of the North” as Greeks call it, the city of Thessaloniki, you will find a lot of hidden treasures with interesting stories to tell. A significant building valued in the education field is the Experimental School of Thessaloniki. As stated by its name, one can easily understand that it is a special building for the field of Greek education.

Founded in 1934 and linked with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, it consists of primary and secondary education. For 88 years now, the Experimental School of Thessaloniki has been widely known for its great teachers and contribution to the sector of Greek education. Designed by the architecture Dimitri Pikioni (1887-1968), it graces to this day the center of Thessaloniki. Distinguished for its beauty, this school combines traditional Macedonian architecture with small additions of modern art.

Supervised until 2012 by the Education Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, it now falls under the administration of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs as a public school in our country.  Based on the training courses of the university, the goal of the Experimental School is to offer high-quality education to students and to create sensible and active future citizens.

This has been the School’s legacy since its early days and this is what its educators focus on even today.

This school and its historic building function as an example for every other educational-related building in the country in terms of architecture as well as education.

Next time you visit Greece, if you find yourself strolling around the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, make sure you pay a visit to the school to have a closer look at this cultural and historical jewel. 

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