Theory is important, but practice makes the difference

Theory is important, but practice makes the difference

Nowadays most kids are busier than ever running from one after-school activity to another. They have dance lessons, sports training, music and language classes, performances, and many more interesting, creative, engaging, artistic or athletic commitments. Parents and kids literally run from one club or one lesson to another.

This demanding lifestyle involves not only the children and their parents but also teachers, trainers and instructors who are accordingly responsible to teach, train and instruct their students in both, theory and practice. Learning comes not only through theory but also practice, so one needs to be aware of that and be prepared before signing up for a new class.   

How will you learn to play the guitar if you don’t hold the instrument and slowly begin playing the first notes? How will you learn to play soccer if you don’t start kicking the ball and getting kicked?  How will you learn to dance if you don’t get up and start moving along with the rhythm? How will you learn a language if you do not speak it?

The teacher will explain the notes, show you how to kick the ball in the right way, teach you the steps of a certain dance or the letters of the alphabet. However, learning comes when a student practices again and again and again.

If a child takes the guitar today and starts practicing by playing and following all the theory taught by the teacher, be sure that the moment will soon come that this very student will be playing his favorite song, filled with more and more confidence. But, if this student never practices on his own although she/he attends all regular classes, proper learning will never come.

The same thing applies to language learning. If a student attends all lessons but never practices on writing, speaking and reading in this language then learning will remain unachieved.

Our advice is that, when you decide to sign up for a new class, please have in mind the required practice that goes along with it and do not complain when your teacher asks you for more practice. No, your teacher is not heartless, your teacher only cares!

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