The Greek Online School was here all along

name announcement

After more than 8 years of hard work and an ever growing online community of Greeks and Philhellenes we decided that we needed some fresh air of renewal. As you might have already seen our School has a new name and logo. To find these, however, we actually had to go back to our roots just like many of our students do when they start learning Greek with us. 

The Greek Online School has always been the name of our school and it was only fair to return to it as we were looking for a new name. 

What about our new logo? It is a modern reimagining of a combination of shapes and lines found in ancient Greek architecture and art. A very appropriate image to capture the spirit of our School that now counts more than 1000 students from all over the world and is built as a modern approach of everything that is great about the traditional classroom and traditional Greek School. 

Almost a decade of a great online Greek community that keeps welcoming new members. A team of more than 40 great teachers, admin staff of about 10 people, a team of experts designing lesson material for all of you and more than 1000 students, young and older, in private and group classes, who have just joined or have been with us for years. It was only fitting that all of these people move under the roof of The Greek Online School

Some things never change, though like our old values to always honor our commitment to all of you. Thank you for your trust.

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