The “Boston Groups” are now part of our family

boston groups

We are extremely happy to announce that our School has started collaborating with the Greek community Taxiarchae from Boston, Massachusetts. Together we have created online Greek language classes for kids and teens of various levels to continue these children’s online education during the pandemic. 

Taxiarchae Greek School in Boston is designed to combine learning with entertainment, it focuses on communication and means to bring children of Greek background closer to the Greek language and culture in the most effective and fun way.

The enthusiastic students of the Boston Greek school, many of whom know each other from their Boston community, have the chance to connect with their friends and safely see each other on more occasions now through their online classes. 

They learn, play and study Greek together preserving their weekly contact from the safety of their homes. Their enthusiasm is absolutely inspiring for the Greek LOL teachers who do the best they can to bring a taste of Greece to these amazing little Greeks from the other side of the Atlantic.

Our online Greek classes make us feel closer together even when we are miles apart. This is why we are already looking forward to seeing all these little Greeks in our Summer Camp in Greece when it is safe again and to visiting them in Boston hopefully soon. 

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