The benefits of learning Greek online

Making sure your child comes in contact with the culture and language of your parents and grandparents is of great importance for many Greeks who live abroad. Learning Greek, however, can be a challenge for both parents and children. How do you encourage your child to learn Greek? Do you teach them? Do you take them to Greek School? Is speaking to them in Greek enough when they live in a foreign country, speak that country’s language at school, have native friends, study there? Should you find a private tutor? And if yes how do you choose them? What kinds of qualifications are important? Online education could help you make all these decisions. Of course as long as it is something well-organized, trustworthy that avoids using casual solutions like Skype…

1. Flexibility 

Schedules are hard for families nowadays. Everyone has their own thing which requires for parents to squeeze in soccer practice, music lessons, ballet dancing, foreign languages all while managing to find the time to work, keep a house together, feed everybody and remember to sleep a little as well. Deciding to trust online education means that you will have one less car ride to worry about. Just one trial online lesson will help you see clearly that online education saves both time and money from your everyday schedule and is truly a modern luxury. 

2. Process

Simplicity When you are looking for a private tutor the process can be quite overwhelming. How do I choose my child’s teacher? Do I search for ads? Do I ask friends and family to suggest somebody? And what if the chemistry isn’t there? A well-organized online teaching program will take this process over for you. Free trial lessons are the best way to see if the chosen teacher is the right one for your child and if not there is always to option to change teachers quickly and effortlessly without hurting anyone’s feelings and without losing valuable lesson time.

3. Familiarity

I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise, but your children feel a lot more comfortable using their computers and going online than you imagine. Their amazing familiarity with technology makes the idea of studying Greek online a lot more reasonable and easier to them than you might think.

4. Educational Benefits 

The technological benefits of online education are hard to argue against. Despite the interactive material that the teacher uploads on the platform making classes a lot more student-friendly, the teacher also has the ability to use every single aspect of technology with a literal click of a button throughout the lesson making things easier, more fun and many times more custom-made.

5. Save lesson as…

While there are many children who are truly focused and motivated to follow a face-to-face class, there is no such class that can be “revisited” after it has ended. With online classes, however, students basically have a time machine in their hands. The recording option gives students the chance to “have” their class a second time and just do it better, this time in their own time and pace. Without dismissing the educator’s role, online lessons make students more independent and confident since they give them the chance to have some sort of control over their classes.

Maybe all these people who think that online education is the future are not evil after all. If we treat online education with an open mind it will soon become the educational revolution that we all seem to need!

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