Teaching Greek to kids all over the world!

Teaching Greek to kids all over the world!

I met Lina Moditsi many years ago, when she was still a member of the PAOK polo team. After a decade we met again and then I found out that, since 2015, she “has been transferred” to the world of online teaching and she is currently working for Greek Lessons OnLine. Lina is talking to us today about this innovative school.

What is Greek Lessons OnLine?

Greek Lessons OnLine is a modern, interactive and successful platform for learning Greek, which started its operation in 2012 with only two teachers. Since then, it has grown rapidly and today it counts more than 20 employees, 15 of whom are educators. All of them live and work in Greece. This is extremely important for the school, so as to provide jobs opportunities for Greek people. What does it take to become a Greek Lessons OnLine student? In order for someone to start a course, they need a PC or a Tablet, a good Internet connection and a quiet place at home, because all lessons are live.

What are your students’ profiles?

Our students are Greek adults and kids of 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation and of all ages. Our youngest is 4.5 years old, while most of our students are from 6 to 14. Of course, students come from all over the world, but most of them come from the United States. What happens in class is truly magical!

How much different are the lessons, compared to the ones offered in traditional Greek schools?

The lesson, even though it is Online and it strays a lot from the traditional Greek school, it is serious and professional nonetheless. Students actively participate by writing on the board using a digital pen, while keeping notes on their books and notebooks. There is also a Secretary and a Director, who deal with the communication, the admissions and all other issues beyond the lessons.

What teaching method do you use?

The school’s main goal is to maintain the traditional teaching structure, but in a more progressive form. Teachers design and follow a specific teaching program, enriched with activities, but the course of the lesson depends on each student’s needs.

What is your priority?

Teachers’ main priority is that students have fun as they learn. Also, all lessons are interactive, including Greek songs and movie clips. Moreover, we use many educational applications for vocabulary learning as well as speaking and writing practice.

What is the teacher-student relationship via the Internet?

The relationship between teachers and students is particularly close. Even though they are separated by thousands of miles, ultimately the teacher – student relationship brings the two together. In addition, an effort is being made to bring the students in contact with the Greek reality. This is done through online events, like national celebrations, where emotions are inevitably stirred.

What is your goal and long-term vision?

Even though the basis of Greek Lessons OnLine is the teaching of a language, in the end it is so much more than that. Greek Lessons OnLine is preserving the Greek culture, while keeping the students in touch with their ancestry.

How can someone learn more about you?

For students and parents that are interested in trying out the online class, the best way to get to know how our school works is to book a free trial lesson.

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