Summer Immersion Course in Greece! New Dates!

Immersion Course New Dates

Greece is one of the countries that has dealt with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic startlingly well having controlled the spread of the virus. The numbers speak for themselves since Greece is one of the countries with the fewest cases and deaths in Europe. This positive outcome allows us to believe that Greece will be the safe and hospitable haven that travellers from around the world are accustomed to experiencing summer after summer as they are welcomed in every corner of the country. 

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected the lives of people everywhere around the world. Considering the situation and travel restrictions around the globe we have also had to change the dates for your Immersion Course that takes place in the small seaside town of Aigio in the beautiful Peloponnese. The new dates are July 18th until July 29th. Please rest assured that the hotel where the Immersion Course takes place, will implement all guidelines imposed by the EU and national authorities to keep all its guests and staff safe. 

This year you can combine the warm hospitality, summer scenery, breathtaking waters and unique lifestyle that Greece has to offer with an Immersion Course in the Greek language. This course means to build your confidence when speaking Greek, to help you improve your oral skills and of course to bring you closer to the Greek lifestyle through a constant interaction with locals and the culture around them. To make it all even better, all this comes together with a memorable summer vacation that will allow you to see the beauty of the country, get involved in cultural activities, enjoy beautiful beaches, swim in crystal clear water and have a lovely and relaxing holiday! Find out more about the Greek LOL Immersion Course here

*kindly note that the aforementioned course could potentially be canceled if decided by the authorities involved that there are reasons related to the pandemic rendering it unsafe

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