Summer 2018…with some of our students

Summer 2018…with some of our students

Every June is the beginning of a summer full of new experiences and emotions for the Greek Lessons OnLine family! Summer for us is not only the beautiful weather, the sea and the amazing Greek islands. Summer is also the time of our students’ arrival in Greece. Every summer we are proud and pleased to welcome our students from all over the world in our beautiful country. They visit us full of joy and excitement and give us the opportunity to feel blessed and an important part of their lives.

Teaching Greek is more than teaching a language. In our lessons we create special bonds with our students and we feel like a part of their families. This is more than precious for all of us! For that reason every summer we prepare ourselves to meet our “families” from far away. The first couple of minutes might be a bit strange, but after a while we talk, laugh and have fun like nothing has changed! This summer was full of new experiences and meetings with our students and their families, who made us feel more than proud to be their teachers!

Thank you very much!

Until next Summer …

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