Start your journey towards speaking fluent Greek today!!!

Start your journey towards speaking fluent Greek today!!!

Do you want to learn Greek but haven’t yet found the right and most suitable way to do it? Now there is a great new online service available for anybody wishing to improve their Greek skills, or Philhellenes looking to learn Greek.

Greek Lessons OnLine (Greek LOL), founded by Stella Bompotsiari, focuses on using interactive lessons to get students speaking the language as soon as possible, so your Greek skills will improve rapidly. Instead of investing your time in a long drive to your nearest Greek school, Greek Lessons Online is bringing the Greek Class to your own home!

Through Greek Lessons OnLine, you will learn Greek in the most advanced, easy, interactive, and fun way. The lessons are NOT delivered on Skype, but via a specially designed video-conferencing environment. “We are using a safe and highly interactive environment, which makes our lessons friendly to students of all ages. Our youngest student is only 5 years old”.

All teaching materials are enriched with audios, videos, flashcards, quizzes, computerized tests, and language games. The content is presented on an interactive whiteboard while it is designed in order to achieve students’ maximum interaction. Moreover, Greek Lessons OnLine provides its teachers special training to prepare them for instructing the courses, and you will learn Greek by a qualified native Greek teacher!

If you want to learn Greek, or if you want your kids to learn the language, Greek Lessons OnLine will guide you in order to find the course that suits your or your kids’ needs. They offer specialized courses such as Greek conversation, Greek for business, and Greek for tourists, in addition to their most popular course, General Greek. In General Greek the students develop their writing, listening, reading and of course their speaking skills.

This innovative method of teaching Greek is based on a traditional approach but is being delivered with the use of new technologies. As founder Stella Bompotsiari puts it, “We have worked very hard in order to develop our teaching method and it was an honor when a few months ago we were invited by the Athens University of Economics and Business, to present our teaching method to their graduates.”

In addition, the school management closely monitors all courses, especially those for young children. “We are constantly in contact with the parents. We want to be sure that we offer the best possible online learning experience to all our students.

Stella Bompotsiari, the Founder and Director of Greek Lessons OnLine, came up with the idea for the company after spending some time in the US and realizing that there were many people who wanted to learn Greek and attend a Greek school, but that most didn’t have the opportunity.

With a degree in Greek literature, Stella decided to pursue an E-Learning Master’s degree at the UCL, Institute for Education in London, and with her partner Pavlos Ksinas started brainstorming the idea for an online Greek school. Currently based in London, Stella developed the Greek Lessons OnLine using her passion for teaching combined with the knowledge gained from her Master’s degree, in order to expand the opportunity to learn Greek to all those who wish to do so.

If you want to know more about Greek LOL and experience the course, sign up for a free trial lesson with Greek Lessons OnLine! If you are happy with the trial then you can continue lessons one-to-one, in groups of 2-4, or in larger classes (5-12 students). All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and books the company will provide. You could start your journey towards speaking fluent Greek today! Imagine this as opening a window to the beauty of knowledge, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Source: Greek Reporter

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