Spreading the Greek Word!

Spreading the Greek Word!

So many times we’ve heard people saying “We visit Greece every summer and my kids want so badly to be able to speak Greek with their cousins, pappou and giagia”. Until recently the only possible way to learn Greek was to attend a traditional greek school, or if you wanted to avoid a possible long drive to and from the greek school, you could hire a private teacher. Thankfully, Internet has made things a lot easier today!

Greek Lessons OnLine was founded in 2012, after seven years of preparation, pilot lessons, research and very hard work from its founders, teachers, technical team and associates. The mission of the Greek LOL team has been clear from the very beginning, “We want to make greek language learning possible, fun and easy for everyone, no matter where they wake up every morning”. 

One of the most important elements of Greek Lessons OnLine is that all teachers are based in Greece. Learning a language from a native speaker is highly important; but learning a language while at the same time you connect with the greek reality through your teacher is another advantage of learning Greek with Greek LOL.   

Greek Lessons OnLine started operating with only one teacher while at the moment, more than 9 teachers, who are all based in Greece, conduct live private and group lessons to kids and adults from all over the world. Students come from the USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Cyprus, Russia, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Greece, South Africa, Cayman Islands, Italy, Norway, France, Ireland and Germany composing a multinational environment and sharing the same goal, to speak Greek!

Book you free trial lesson today and make a step ahead to the greek language and culture!

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