A special day for all mothers!

A special day for all mothers!

The truth is, a single day is not enough to honor this divine person, our mother. It should be all days of our entire life because our mother was standing by our side nearly every time we fell down and hurt ourselves. It was her kisses that made our pain vanish in seconds.

From North to South, from East to West, all over the world our mothers are cherished by every one of us in a distinguished way on that special day. 

When was Mother’s Day established? This celebration was establisehd after long strong fights initiated by a teacher named Anna Marie Jarvis. Anna Marie wanted to honor her own mother who was a peace activist, fighting for the reconciliation between North and South Americans after the end of the American Civil War in 1864.  Thanks to Anna Marie every year from 1914 on we are celebrating our mothers.

When do we celebrate Mother’s Day in Greece? In Greece, as well as many other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May.

Ancient Greece: There has also been a Mother’s Day in ancient Greece. The celebration was dedicated to the goddess Gaia, Mother Earth and later to Rea. Rea was the mother of Zeus and all other gods of ancient Greece.

How can we honor our mothers? We can write down some words expressing our feelings for her, how much we love her and how important she is in our lives. For sure she will be touched reading it! Furthermore we can give her a bouquet of flowers that we have picked ourselves from the garden of our home.

Dedicate this day to you mother!

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