A special Christmas gift for your Greek family and friends!

A special Greek gift for Christmas

Finding the ideal Christmas present is not always an easy thing to do. You can always buy a perfume, a pair of socks, a tie, big or small toys and dolls; but the truth is that we would all rather make a difference and buy a gift to remember!

We have a very special gift to suggest for your beloved Greeks, aiming not only to put a smile on their faces but also to keep their Greekness alive! Sign them up for Modern Greek lessons with The Greek Online School. Qualified teachers, who are all based in Greece, teach Greek in the easiest and most effective way you have ever imagined! Buy one hour or a package of 20 or 40 hours of Greek lessons with The Greek Online School starting from only 7€/hour. To make sure this is the right gift for them, feel free to book a free trial lesson so that you get a glance at the method and experience the interaction! If you have attended a trial lesson in the past you may just contact us at info@thegreekonlineschool.com and we will make all proper arrangements! This is a great present for both kids and adults!

What makes this greek gift so special?

  • All teachers are qualified and based in Greece
  • Students can connect with other Greek students all around the globe
  • The lessons are scheduled at a time convenient for the student
  • No admission fee is required
  • Books for kids are free of charge
  • Learning structure is based upon traditional lessons
  • Learning is supported by up-to-date language applications

Make most Greeks’ dream come true by helping them to speak Greek!

Book your free trial lesson and get a Christmas gift to remember!

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