So many reasons to learn Greek!

So many reasons to learn Greek!

Greek is listed among the most difficult languages to learn but this does not stop thousands of people to learn it! Why people learn Greek

Family: The main reason most people want to learn Greek is because they want to stay close to their greek heritage and culture and to be able to communicate easily with their family when they visit Greece. “Pappou and giagia will be so proud of you” most parents say, and they actually are extremely proud because family matters for Greeks and language helps families to remain close. There is nothing more important for a greek grandmother than a short chat with her grandchild ending “σ’αγαπώ γιαγιά”.

Greek Diaspora: Modern Greek is ranked 61st according to the number of native speakers but is quite widespread due to the Greek Diaspora all over the world. There are many greek communities connecting Greeks and Philhellenes around the world and focusing on keeping the greek spirit alive. The feeling you get by a 4 year old 3rd generation greek singing the greek national anthem, cannot be described.

Science: Still many greek words have been widely borrowed into other languages, in scientific fields like mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, medicine, chemistry etc. Greek doctors working abroad are very privileged as most medicine terminology comes from Greek. This also means that millions of people know a lot of Greek without being aware of it.

Tourism: Greece is one of the most popular destinations for tourists around the world, attracting over 16.5 million travellers a year. Most Greeks are fluent in English but conversing with locals in their mother language gives another prospective to your visit and makes you feel less of a visitor and more of a Greek.

Challenge: The Greek language is one of the oldest in use today and distinguished by its extraordinarily rich vocabulary, numbering more than 70.000.000 words. According to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), more than 1200 hours are required to learn Greek. Learning Greek can be quite a challenge but this does not mean that is it impossible or maybe it is not hard for you at all! One thing is for sure, you can never be in lack of words to describe any feeling, emotion or state of mind in Greek.

For all the above reasons and for many more Greek LOL has been established to support you and make greek learning possible, easy and fun for you and your kids. Apply for a free trial lesson and start your journey to the beautiful world of Greek language.

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