Santa’s Gift of… Greek

lms christmas discount

Being an online Greek School means that you deal with people who have families who live far away from them. This means that come Christmas time, we come across a lot of requests from our students who try to find the best Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Christmas gifts that show how much they care, special Christmas gifts, gifts that will create happy memories. And above all, gifts that you don’t need to deliver since they skip the frenzy of overseas deliveries and mail services.

Many of them choose to send their loved ones a package of online Greek lessons. Others who worry more about scheduling and timetables choose to gift them something more open and free, more self-paced if you know what I mean.

That’s why due to popular demand, Santa came early and he is bringing the gift of Greek with him along with a 50% discount. If you are looking for a special Christmas gift, a meaningful experience that you wish to give to someone who lives far from you, the self-paced Greek Grammar courses might be a great idea.

All you need to do is choose the A2 Greek Course or B1 Greek Course , enroll and enter the discount codes A2christmas and B1christmas respectively at the “add coupon” field for a 50% discount. The offer stands from December 11th 2021 until January 11th 2022.

This year be the Santa who brings the gift of Greek.

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