Sail to Freedom; an event honoring Greek heroines

sail to freedom

This year, we celebrate 200 Years since the Greek war of Independence; an important time in our history that shaped the country we are today and taught us as a nation the importance of freedom and democracy. 

Greeks and Philhellenes around the world have been organizing touching events to celebrate the important anniversary. We are happy to announce that The Greek Online School will be supporting an event as such that will take place in New York City on June 6th.

For the “Sail to Freedom” event, sailing boats adorned with Greek flags will be sailing towards the Statue of Liberty to honor the critical contributions of the Greek nautical forces. 

An extreme performance to remember

This is not the only reason why, however, this event already holds a very special place in our hearts. “Sail to Freedom” is a unique idea that means to celebrate the Hellenic spirit and honor the sacrifice of Greek women in the war of independence. During the event, Katerina Soldatou, an internationally known aerial dancer will perform a symbolic dance tied from the main mast of the boat with blue and white fabrics. Her spinning in the void will represent the legendary dance of Zalongo when the honorable women of Souli preferred death over the disgrace of being surrendered to the Ottomans.

The importance of Greek women in the country’s history

Whether they were mighty captains like Bouboulina or the nameless women of Souli, Greek women constituted a driving force in the war of Independence. Moreover, throughout our history protective mother figures, discreet female leaders, anonymous women teachers, or even our moms and grandmas have always been at the core of the Greek society. Greek women are the “hearts” of education and our own School, too.

A special event for our female-led School

With more than 40 female teachers, and a female founder, our own female-led business is surrounded by strong Greek women who are protective forces, whether they are actually mothers or not, and who continually strive to lift up and take care of younger generations of girls and boys. 

That is precisely why we are extremely proud to be supporting an important event like “Sail to Freedom” that actually reminds us of the sacrifices and contributions of Greek women throughout history.

That is why The Greek Online School and all its women, invite you to Sail to Freedom on June 6th, in New York City.

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