Press release September 2013

Press release September 2013

The Greek Online School ( offers interactive Greek language courses of all levels to young and adults that live in Greece or abroad.

Stella Bompotsiari-Vri, the cofounder of The Greek Online School, used the technological tools to make her dream come true: to teach the Greek Language without any time or place constraints. Teaching through The Greek Online School is conducted via an innovative live online platform, an e-class, which is specially designed and also adjusted to the needs of our Greek language courses.  Therefore, young and adults from all over the world can learn the Greek language and come closer to the Greek culture and the rich Greek history.

How do students learn the Greek language? Learning through The Greek Online School is based upon online-real time interaction with our qualified native greek teachers and the student or the group of students. Our lessons are conducted via our e-class, which has been adjusted to the needs of our Greek language courses. Thus, we have managed to make learning not only effective but also fun for our students.

Our e-class offers:

  • High quality video and audio conferencing,
  • Interactive whiteboard that allows all participants to watch the learning material, to watch the teacher’s notes that are produced during class, to write themselves on the board, to watch videos and to upload educational web content.
  • Quizzes, which are designed specially for each student in order to make learning easy and fun!
  • Video recording, in order to watch a group lesson in case they miss it, and
  • Option to save all files and notes that are being uploaded during class.

Our teachers We take pride in our teachers’ qualifications. They are bright, creative and motivated individuals that have been highly educated and have graduated Greece’s top Universities. They are all certified teachers of primary or secondary education and have a minimum of 5 years post qualification teaching experience. Our teachers have lived or live abroad so this experience of theirs combined with their advanced knowledge of other foreign languages (English, Italian, and French) makes them ideal instructors for all people that wish to learn Greek. They all share the same vision which is to take advantage of today’s technological tools in order to introduce the Greek language, history and culture to the worldwide community, as well as to give the opportunity to all Greeks around the world to learn or improve their Greek language skills.

What do you need for the lesson? Basic requirements to participate in a Webex meeting for the purposes of The Greek Online School are a computer, a high-speed internet connection, a webcam, a microphone, and headphones.

Which is the educational material? All lessons are conducted with the use of greek123 of Papaloizos Publications. Papaloizos Publications’ long time experience in the field of Greek language course material, is a great guide for all people that wish to enter the world of Greek language or improve their existing knowledge of Greek.

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