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Greek Language Summer Programs for children & adults 2022

In the context of strengthening the cultural identity of expatriates and promoting Hellenism and the Greek language, intensive Greek language summer programs for children and adults were held in the summer of 2022. The programs took place at The Ranch and the Anargyrios School of Spetses by The Greek Online School and under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Greeks Abroad and the Ministry of Tourism.

35 adults from all over the world traveled to Spetses to attend the Greek Immersion Course  that lasted 9 days. While 65 children aged 6-15 participated in the Greek summer camp at Sofiko Corinth for 10 days in the periods of July and August.

After the excellent turnout of the programs, the way they were embraced by the Greek diaspora as well as their excellent results, the Greek camp for children and the Greek Immersion Course  for adults will return in summer 2023.

These Greek language programs aim to bring even more people closer to the Greek language and culture as well as to succeed in creating bonds of friendship between people of the Greek diaspora from all over the world.

In 2023, even more hours of lessons, games, Greek dances, cooking classes and other activities of cultural interest will take place  in the two programs to achieve an even greater immersion into the Greek language and culture for all the participants.

Daniel’s experience at the Spetses Greek Immersion Course

Linda’s experience at the Spetses Greek Immersion Course

Our experience at the Greek Summer Camp for children

For more information about the Greek Camp click here .

For more information about the Spetses Greek Immersion Course click here .

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