Oxi Day Celebration: A Day for Peace & Friendship

oxi day celebration

On Saturday, the 24th of October, children from every corner of the world will connect in their Greek LOL classrooms to commemorate the Greek heroes of 1940, to celebrate the importance of freedom and peace and to promote friendship and unity between all nations of the world. 

School celebrations for OXI Day, one of the most important National Anniversaries for Greece, are always memorable days for Greek school children around our country and the world. Unfortunately many schools had to cancel this year’s celebrations due to safety concerns.

Greek Lessons OnLine has been organizing virtual events to celebrate national holidays since 2014, and thanks to our virus-free virtual classrooms this year will not be an exception. 

Our students have been preparing along with their teachers for weeks, reciting poems, rehearsing songs and theatrical plays, making beautiful drawings, learning about the history of OXI Day 1940 in order to be ready to take part in knowledge games.  

We are all looking forward to getting together tomorrow with our big online community to celebrate peace, love and friendship. Thank you for being parts of our Greek family.

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