Our School at 5th Annual THI London Gala

london gala_THI

“The Hellenic Initiative is a non-profit organization that brings together Diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes to invest in the future of Greece…,” this is the mission of THI in their own words but it always seems like it strikes a chord with our School’s mentality as well. That’s why it has been our team’s honor to be supporting the efforts of THI for crisis relief in Greece the last couple of years. 

Members of our Greek school and its founders Mrs Stella Bompotsiari & Mr Pavlos Ksinas joined the event last week in London and had the chance to get together in person with diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes from all over the world who share the same passion for supporting Greece and Greeks everywhere. 

Peter Poulos THI executive director with The Greek Online School CEO Stella Bompotsiari & Princess Tatiana Blatnik, International Ambassador

The Greek Online School would like to thank The Hellenic Initiative for their invitation and most importantly for their great work. It was a night to remember not only thanks to the opportunity to finally get together with all these people in person but also for the essential and meaningful work that all the people involved do. Εις το επανιδείν!

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