Our little Greeks from Australia are back to School

back to school australia

And while many parts of Greece are covered in snow, our young students from Australia are getting ready to say goodbye to summer and go back to school. 

The beginning of the Australian winter and school year is approaching and the Australian Greek LOL students are returning to the virtual classrooms of their Greek School. This is the time of the year they return to the online but always warm hugs of their teachers, this is the time they meet their classmates again and tell them all about their summer adventures. In Greek of course!

This year, more than ever, our classrooms are filled with amazing little Greeks from Australia. That’s why we are about to announce more group classes for kids with a timetable adjusted to the Australian time zones. So stay tuned, little Greeks from Australia, your fun adventure in the Greek language is about to begin. 

If you would like to meet your Greek teacher and get a virtual tour of our Greek School’s classrooms you can book your free trial Greek lesson with us on any day and time that suits you.

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