One click away from speaking Greek

One click away from speaking Greek

The Greek language is everywhere

You are just one click away from Speaking Greek

Greek language is everywhere, in our civilization, our lifestyle, our ethos and our family and interpersonal relationships.

The Greek language is retaining all the small and big stories of our lives. History, philosophy, science, theatre, poetry and the experiences of the previous generations, our parents and grandparents, are speaking in Greek. Why not our children become a part of this?

The Greek Online School constitutes a promising message of disseminating the Greek language. The philosophy, which underpins this service is simple, but still of a great significance: from whatever part of the planet you might live, you are provided with the chance of learning the Greek language! All you need is a computer, an internet connection and the will to learn!

Through Greek Lessons OnLine method, you will learn Greek in the most advanced, easy and interactive way. The lessons are not delivered via Skype, but using an especially designed videoconferencing environment with an integrated interactive board, which is being used by both teachers and students in the online classroom in order to write and complete exercises.

Apart from the online classroom functions, The Greek Online School does not just merely assign a teacher to deliver yours or your child’s lesson. There is a specific program of study, which is being followed by all teachers and is always adapted to the needs of each student. Our educational material is constantly being updated and enriched with songs, videos, quizzes and many more educational tools. We employ amazing tools to teach the language and to enrich the vocabulary of our students. In addition, the school management is closely monitoring the conduction of all courses and especially for young children, we are constantly in contact with the parents. We want to be sure that we do everything for you to learn Greek!

You can choose the course which suits your level and needs best. You can also sign up for private or group lessons (2-4 students) or for classes (5-12 students). Our experienced and specially trained teachers will provide you with guidance and assist you towards achieving your goal. It is effective, pleasant and safe!

You might have experienced this quite often, grandchildren meet their grandparents and the communication is problematic. Even native Greek speakers can sometimes get lost among broken English and Greek. The Greek language is something more than just “Yia sou”. It consists of grammar, syntax, expression and what is more, passion. The teachers working at The Greek Online School are very experienced, qualified and the most suitable people to design your Greek online course, tailored to your own needs: the hours you wish depending on your level and requirements you might have.

Our innovative method of teaching Greek through The Greek Online School is based on a tradition approach: instead of someone investing his time on the long driving time to go to a Greek school, Greek Lessons Online is bringing the teacher to your own home! We not only guarantee security and consistency, but we take the responsibility of providing you and your children very high quality lessons, which you will appreciate from the very first free trial lesson! Imagine this as opening a window to the beauty of knowledge, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Greece has been through many economic, social and humanitarian challenges in the last few years. If not our duty having a Greek origin, it is a blessing to learn the Greek language. As has been stated by our national poet Odysseas Elytis, who was awarded the Nobel prize: “I don’t know any other existing language rather than one, the Greek language as it has evolved from the Ancient Greek, which has now come to be our greater support”. 

Dimitris Papadopoulos

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