New Ellinomatheia A2 & B1 Grammar Courses

a2 & b1 lms

The Greek LOL Asynchronous Grammar Courses A2 & B1 are now open for enrollment.  

Building solid grammar foundations is the only way to quickly improve your speaking skills in Greek. Bearing this in mind, these asynchronous grammar courses are designed to help you steadily advance with Greek grammar in your own time and pace with the guidance of the Greek LOL instructors who are always there to help and give you feedback. 

All you need to do is sign-up for the 30-week course of your level and sit back, relax and practise with the Greek language in your own time and pace. Throughout these weeks you will have the chance to: 

  • Watch videos with our teachers explaining Greek grammar in a simple way;
  • Combine grammar theory with lots of examples
  • Play grammar-based and vocabulary games
  • Complete sets of both self-paced and instructor-based exercises with visual, audio and video material
  • Connect and communicate with more Greek learners and teachers

Don’t forget that these courses are instructor-led, which means that although you can complete them in your own time, your instructor will always be there for supervision, feedback, help and communication.  

The asynchronous Greek grammar courses are highly recommended for those of you who want to prepare and sit for the A2 and B1 Ellinomatheia Exams but also for all of you who want to review your Greek grammar and improve the way you speak Greek faster. 

Enroll today and see the impressive results within a few weeks.

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