Mars, Venus, and Hermes speak Greek!

Mars, Venus, and Hermes speak Greek!

Mars, Venus, and Hermes are so many kilometers apart that normally, they wouldn’t be able to meet. Indeed, they do meet twice a week and they work together in order to achieve Mars’s and Hermes’s goal to learn Greek. In real life, Mars is a 14-year-old student living in California (USA), Hermes is a 16-yearl old student living in United Kingdom while Venus is a Modern Greek teacher living in Athens (Greece). Their meetings take place every Saturday through the online platform of an innovative online Greek school, which connects students from all around the world with teachers in Greece. This interactive new form of teaching is inspired from the future in education, while combining many advantageous elements from the traditional methods.

Online learning has no limitations. Students living in Mexico, USA, Australia, France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Egypt, Lebanon, Ireland, Norway, Uruguay where it might be challenging to attend a Greek school for a plethora of reasons, are now provided with the opportunity of learning Greek from the comfort of their own home. The Greek Online School can deliver Greek lessons around any part of the planet through an interactive online platform. All students can learn Greek effectively, easily and by having fun.

Through this approach, students can save time and effort, since it only takes 5 minutes to log in to the platform and thus, avoiding the long driving hours to reach a Greek teacher. In addition, students with learning difficulties have so far made a significant progress through our method, as it is highly interactive and tailored to each student’s needs. Along with kids, older people who always wanted to learn a foreign language can now achieve this, spending 1 or 2 hours a week from their office at home or from whatever part of the world they wish. All they need is a computer and Internet connection to embark on this new journey of knowledge!

The Greek Online School wants to take a stance against the opinion that in the near future, fewer people will have access to new knowledge. Our online school is committed to providing a new joyful experience to people who want to learn the amazing language of Greek. And when we say all people, we mean people aged 5-105 living everywhere around the globe. To some people this might seem impossible, but the only thing you have to do is just take our free trial lesson to understand what Greek Lessons OnLine is all about!  We look forward to welcoming people having appetite for learning!

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